Broadly speaking Islamic banking products dissolvable into 3 product allocation, fund raising products, and services products given kpd bank customers.
Product Disbursement
1. The principle of Purchase (Ba'i) Buying and selling in place due to the transfer of ownership of the goods. Bank profits mentioned before and including the price of that sale price. There are three types of buying and selling in the financing of working capital and investment in Islamic banks, namely:
1. Ba'i Al Murabahah Sale and purchase with prices asalditambah keuntugan that agreed between the bank with the customer, in this case the bank said prices of goods kpd customers who bank then provides a certain amount of profit in accordance with the agreement.
2. Ba'i Assalam In buying and selling customers as the buyer and the buyer gives the money in a contract in accordance with the price of goods ordered and the nature of the goods has been mentioned before. Money that had been handed the responsibility of the receiving bank as orders and payments are made on the spot.
3. Ba'i Al Istishna is part of Ba'i Asslam but Ba'i al ishtishna commonly used in manufacturing. All covenants Ba'i Al Ishtishna follow Ba'i Assalam but interchangeable payments made some payments.
2. Principles Lease (Ijara) Ijarah agreement adl transfer of rights to the goods or services through a lease without being followed by the transfer of ownership of the leased item. In this case the bank meyewakan kpd equipment customers with fees that have been established with certainty beforehand.
3. Principle of Sharing (Syirkah) In the principle of sharing, there are 2 kinds of products, namely:
1. Musharaka is one of the products of Islamic banks that where there are two parties who cooperated or lbh For increasing the asset is owned jointly where all parties combine resources at their disposal that do both tangible and intangible dud. In this case all parties who work together to contribute whether it is owned funds, goods, skills, or other assets. Which becomes the provisions of adl Musharaka capital owners reserve the right to determine business policies that run the project executor.
2. Mudharabah Mudharabah adl cooperation 2 or lbh where owners of capital provides managers kpd memepercayakan amount of capital with profit-sharing agreement. That the fundamental difference between Musharaka with adl mudharabah on management and financial contributions pd musyarakah granted and owned two or more persons, whereas pd mudaraba capital belongs only to one party only.
Grouper Product Funds
Fund raising product pd Islamic banks include checking, savings, and time deposits. The principle that is applied in Islamic banks are:
1. The principle of vicarious WadiahPenerapan principle of adl wadiah wadiah yad dhamanah who applied pd rekaning current accounts. In contrast with wadiah mandate, which the party who entrusted (bank) is responsible for the integrity of the assets deposited so that he can take advantage of the deposit treasure. While pd wadiah bounds mandate entrusted property utilized by mouth entrusted.
2. Principle MudharabahDalam mudaraba principle, depositary or depositor act as owners of capital while the bank acted as a manager. Dana's saved later by the banks used for financing, in this case, if banks use Utk of financing, the bank is responsible for any damages that may occur.
Pursuant to the authority given by the depositary, the mudaraba principle divided into 3 parts, namely:
1. Mudharabah mutlaqah: principle retrievable form of savings and deposits, so there are 2 types of savings and deposits mudaraba mudaraba. No pemabatasan For use of funds for the banks that had been collected.
2. Mudharabah muqayyadah on balance sheet: this type adl special savings and owner interchangeable establish special conditions that must be adhered to by the bank, as an example Required For certain businesses, or For a specific contract.
3. Mudharabah muqayyadah off balance sheet: Namely channeling funds directly kpd business executive and a bank as an intermediary for the owner of the funds with the business executive. Implementing business retrievable also filed certain requirements that must be complied with bank for determining the type of business and implementing its business.
Products Banking Services
In addition to collecting and verifiable activity funds, the bank also provides services kpd interchangeable mendapatan customers with rewards in the form of rent or profits, these services include:
1. Sharf (Sale and Purchase of Foreign Exchange) is the buying and selling currencies similar dud but it must be done pd same time (spot). For the Bank to take advantage of the trading services.
2. Ijarah (Lease) Activity is adl Ijara lease deposits (safe deposit box) and services-like system administration documents (custodian), in this case the bank earn a reward lease of such services

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