A. Background
Opening a new business is not possible without any previous plan. No matter how simple the plan should be in writing. However, new entrepreneurs in our country are many who do not want to or may be unable or reluctant to write the written plan for many reasons. Planning unwritten would have been no manipulation in the mind, which is a simple engineering of the answers to the questions, among others, what efforts will be opened, why choose such business, where it is located, who their customers are, where the source of capital, and so on.
A work plan is in writing and authorized to run the company (business plan) is an ideal tool for holding certain control of the company and keep the focus of the company's business does not deviate.
Business plan needs to be formulated for the legitimacy of a business to be established. People need to know everything about you so interested firms to cooperate.

B. Problem Formulation
1. How important is business planning
2. Definition of planning
3. The elements of the business framework

C. Objectives
Interest in the manufacture of this paper is to provide information related to business planning materials to be used as information used for students or the public.

1. The Importance of Business Plan (Business Plan)
There are several important reasons why people should prepare a Business Plan:
1. To sell yourself on the business
2. To Obtain bank financing
3. To Obtain investment funds
4. To arrange strategic alliances
5. To Obtain large contracts
6. To attracts key employes
7. To complete Mergers and acquisitions
8. To MOTIVATE and focus your management team
(Bygrave, 1994: 115)
            So the purpose of preparing the Business Plan are:
- Stating that you as the owner and the holder of opening a new business initiative
- Organize and establish cooperation with other companies that have aa misaalnya and mutual benefit of producers who can be expected to supply goods for your company or companies that larger grant or contract work that can be done by your company.
- Business plan also can invite specific people who have the expertise or the potential to join work with you
- Business plan is also useful to carry out mergers and acquisitions for example, you sell the big companies, the big companies are having to read your business plan or maybe you want to buy another company, the business plan that you can stacking can give confidence to other companies that want to acquire.
- Business plan aims to ensure the focus of interest of various personnel in the company.

2. Definition of Business Plan
            In order for the company to walk in the right way then an entrepreneur must prepare Business Plan. Business Plan are:
Business Plan is a document that expressed confidence in the ability of a business to sell goods or services to generate satisfactory profits and attractive to funders.
Better definition states that a Business Plan is a document that expresses selling appeal and expectations of a business to potential funders.
Businesess plan provided by the entrepreneur in accordance also with an advisor that contains details about the past, the present and the future trends of a company.
Business Plan is made in the form of short term and long term for the first time followed for 3 years running. Businness Plan a trip or a road map which will be followed by the entrepreneur. Business Plan as if to answer the question: where am I now? Where am I going? How will I get there?

3. Framework for Business Plan
Basic thoughts of the business plan include:

1) Name of company
The given name should not be the only important factor edang yangs warm at this time but is more oriented to the future. Canon and Wichert expressed traits that a good brand is:

1. Short-Short
2. Simple-simple
3. Easy to spell-easily spelled
4. Easy to remember-easy to remember
5. Pleasing when read-readable
6. No sound disagreeble-no discordant notes
7. Does not go out of date-not outdated
8. There is a relationship with the merchandise
9. When exported easily read by people abroad
10. Not to offend groups / others or not negative
11. Imagine what the product or give suggestions using the product.
2) Location
The company's location
There are two important points regarding the location will be selected, namely:
1. Location of offices, called the locus means place (office) business entities, usually managing companies located elsewhere.
2. Location of the company, called the mean residence where the company operates.

location shopping
Generally, retail sites should keep in mind that the consumer's shopping to the store or to a location that has many types and supply of merchandise and has a reputation as a location memilikibarang quality and competitive goods.

Location factories / industries
There are two main things that must be considered in selecting the location of the factory / industrial good, namely:
1. Backward linkage, rear linkage means, ie how resources (resources) that will be used. This includes raw materials, labor, the environment and conditions of local communities.
2. Forward linkage, means of linkage to the front, the area of ​​marketing the product. Are there enough customers to absorb the production.
3) Commodity be commercialized
Afforded the opportunity to choose commodities could consider the following matters:
a. The overwhelming public demand for the kinds of business results, whether in the form of goods or services.
b. Identification of hidden needs of society for goods or services.
c. The lack of competition in the field of business we want to do.
d. Their ability to convince businesses to compete with others in developing a similar line of business.
e. (Drs. Wasty Soemanto, 1992: 224)
4) Consumers destination
Prospects for consumers based on the establishment and the type of business. If the type of business form industry would reach consumers that will be addressed further in comparison with the business of the shops.
5) Market that will be entered
A company that will enter the market will place the company as the market leader (market leader), challengers market (market challenger), followers of the market (market follower), or perelung market (market nicher).

6) Partneryang be cooperative
Partnership is an association or union of two or more people to run a business for profit. There are two kinds of partnership are:
a. General partnership, in which all members participate actively operate the business equally responsible, including the responsibilities of yangb not limited to business debts.
b. Limited partnership, which has a membership of at least one person who is responsible is not restricted and other members responsible limited.
And there are many other forms of partnership such as the secret partner, silent partner, nominal partner, general partner, senior partner, junior partner, and others.
7) Personnel believed to run the company
Choosing a trustworthy personnel comes to character, honesty, and ability.
8) The amount of capital that is expected and available
If the capital is very little can be done in cooperation with a partner, each depositing their capital. All resources and capital raising capabilities should be written. Capital can also be obtained from savings, sell assets, or loans from parents and family as well as a loan from a bank or other financial institution.

A. Conclusion
Business Plan needs to be prepared for the legitimacy of an established business. Business Plan created to act as the holder of control of the company and keep the focus of the company's business does not deviate.

B. Suggestions
For those who are planning to start a business should prepare draft business plan both written and unwritten.

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