Problem Majors High School Entrance Test (IPA / IPS)
1. The average value of a math test 13 high school students was 7.4. If there are three students who participated replicates aftershock with a value of 6.9; 7.8 and 9.1, the average value of a math test that now is ...
A. 7.50
B. 7.97
8.00 C.
D. 8,03
2. Western Indonesia Time among others ........
A. Bali, Java, Madura and Sumatra
B. Madura, Sumatra, Sulawesi, and West Nusa Tenggara
C. Sumatra, Java, Madura, West Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan
D. Sumatra, Sulawesi, Irian Jaya, and East Nusa Tenggara
Key answers: 1 = A
2 = C

Put a circle or brackets on the letter B if correct or S when FALSE statement:
1. In a good working system, each individual can work in accordance with the principles believed by each worker. (S / B)
2. In order for the village administration can take place effectively, should be the goals to be achieved adequately understood by a leader alone, so the focus. (S / B)
3. System of Government RI adopts Trias Politica where known the separation of the legislative, executive and judicial. (S / B)
4. For the smooth running of governance needed source of financing rural village derived from property or wealth of the village. (S / B)
5. Village Consultative Body is a characteristic of a village (S / B)

1. One (S)
2. One (S)
3. One (S)
4. True (B)
5. One (S)

placement test aims to determine which way the ability of a child so the teachers can place students according to their abilities
example :
1. IPA
If we put the hammer driving a nail into the wall, then the energy changes that occur are ........
A. energy of motion of heat energy and sound energy
B. motion energy potential energy and heat energy
C. The potential energy of motion energy and heat energy
D. potential energy heat energy and sound energy
Answer: A

2. IPS
Dutch again attacked Indonesia on July 21, 1947, known as ........
A. Military Aggression I
B. Military Aggression II
C. Aggression Ambarawa
D. Military Coalition
Answer: A

4. The objective test field types
1. Essay Questions with Answers Limited
* Mentioned three kinds of methods to teach you all know. , ,
   Answers: 1. The method of the project,
2. The method of experiment
3. The method of assignment
* Mentioned five factors that influence the selection of methods. , ,
   Answers: 1. Protege
2. Objectives
3. The situation
4. facilities
5. teachers
2. Essay Questions with Answers Free
* Write what you know about free trade. , ,
Answer: free trade is one or a few countries where import duties and quotas were eliminated and the need for bureaucracy is lowered in order to attract companies with added incentive to do business there. So that the occurrence of free trade, the traders from outside the country can easily hawking wares in our country.
3. Completing the Test Problem
* A first president diIndonesia who read the proclamation of independence is. , , , , ,
Answer: ir.soekarnoe
4. Association Test

5. Tests True False For Expressions
(B) - (S) 1. Innovation is the process of developing a business that already exists.
Answer (B)
         6. Test True False demanding reasons
(B) - (S) 1. Productive is an attempt to produce something new
Answer (B)
Reason: because productive is actively trying to create something new in the attempt.
         7. True False tests with fixing
                        (B) - (S) 1. Creative is trying to own
Answer (S)
Correct: the creative is able to create a new work that is unique that has never existed

         8. True False Test double
A production company must have a problem factors: capital, SDA.
                      (B) - (S) Capital: capital to open a business. answer (B)
(B) - (S) SDA: SDA is a natural resource that is used to make an effort. answer (B)
5. Test essay / description
1. Test description open
What do you know about entrepreneurship?
answer: Entrepreneurship is the process of identifying, developing, and bringing a vision into kehidupan.Visi could include innovative ideas, opportunities, a better way to run things. The end result of this process is the creation of new businesses formed under conditions of risk or uncertainty
2. Test the limited description
write down the steps in the method of task?
answer: a. phase of assignment
b. step execution of tasks
c. phases of the task account
3. Oral Test
What do you know about the objective test?
answer: an objective test is a test that requires students to choose the correct answer among the possible answers that have been provided, or giving short answers or complete the statement is not perfect.
4. Subjective test
how do you think of the Asean free trade? Explain.
     Answer: The free trade asean will make small businesses more remote, because small businesses have a problem in a foreign language, actors usa small do not speak foreign languages ​​perfectly or not at all, so it makes small businesses can not compete with merchants from outside countries outside the country.

1. Ordinary Multiple Choice Test
Choose one right answer by putting a cross (X) in one of the letters in the answer sheet!
1. One of the factors of production is?
answer: A
2. Interpersonal Attractions (causal)
Instructions B.
A. If the statement is true and correct reasons to have a causal relationship
B. If the statement is true but it does not have the reason true causal relationship
C. If the statement is correct wrong reasons
D. If the false statement right reasons
E. If both statements and all the wrong reasons

1. Imam is the person who leads the prayer berjamah. In order for prayer in congregation is done perfectly, let led by a priest that meets the requirements set for a priest.
Imam in the prayer in congregation must be the nicest reading Al-Quran among the pilgrims there.

2. For the congregation of men can remind priests to pronounce Subhanalloh with a rather loud voice to be heard by the priest. For a congregation of women simply by clapping and done if a congregation of men no reminding.
In the prayer in congregation, the priest may forget, either reading, movement and count rakaatnya. If this happened then the congregation should be reminded.

3. Multiple Choice Case Analysis

1. Dika has a problem in itself, symptoms Dika is
- Lethargy and lack of empowerment: lazy, shy, lack of concentration, indifferent, apathetic, physical attitude is not good, forgetfulness, dizziness, nausea, drowsiness.
- Avoidance or escape: absent from school, like truancy, arrive late, do not follow a particular lesson, do not do chores, did not record a lesson.
- Opposition: delinquency, disruptive or destructive, not like a particular subject or activity, criticize, argue.
- Seeking compensation: look for other activities outside of lessons, doing other tasks on study time, prioritize work that is not important.
From the above cases can be concluded that:
A. This Dika case can be categorized into cases of children who lack motivation to learn.
B. Case Dika categorized into diligent kid.
C. Dikadikategorikan as a naughty child.
D. Dika categorized children who suffer from autism.
E. Case Dika categorized into cases of children less attention from parents.

4. Reading Test Chart or Table
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