1. According to George .R. Terry manejemen as the art work done through others.
The management is a typical process, which consists of actions, planning, organizing, mobilizing and monitoring will be conducted to determine and achieve the goals that have been ditetap through the utilization of human resources as well as other sources.
2. According to John D. Millet in Management of books in the public service, the notion of management: "The process of directing and facilitating the work of people organized in a formal group to Achieve a desired end" (management is the process of mentoring and facilitation of the work of the -the organized in formal groups to achieve a desired destination).
3. According to James A.F.Stones and Charles Wankel, management is a process of planning, organizing, leadership, and control efforts of members of the organization and use all the resources of the organization to achieve its intended purpose.
4. According to Paul Hersey and Kenneth H.Blanchard limit management as a business that is done with and alongside individuals or groups to achieve organizational goals.
5. According H.B.Siswanto management is the art and science of planning, organizing, motivating and trials of people and work mechanism to achieve the goal.
6. According Prof.Dr.H.ARIFIN Rachman in the book "principal -kerangka management framework" can be interpreted: a.kegiatan -kegiatan / b.proses activities, ie activities in rentetean sequences c.insitut / person - the person doing the activity or process activity.
7. According to Handoko T.H management is working with people to determine, interpret, and achieve the purpose of the organization in the overarching goal of the functions of planning, organizing, preparation of personnel, direction, leadership and supervision.
8. According to Ordway Tead that in sadur by DRS.HE. Rosyidi in the book 'organization and Management of "Management of the definition is" the execution of business processes and activities of lead and show the direction of implementation of tasks of an organization in realizing the goal that has been set ".
9. According to the "MARRY Parker Follett," Management of as art in the work done through others ".
10. Koontz and Dannel (1972) "Management of thing is getting done through the efforst of other people" management is terlaksanannya -the work through other people.
11. Millet (1954) "management is the process of directing and fasilitating the work of people organizet informal group to achive a desire goal" is the Management of the lead and launch the work of the people -people who terorgasisir formally as a group to obtain the objectives in want.
12. Davis (1951) management is the fuction of the executive leadership any where '(manejement is a function of any executive leadership wherever) .Kimball and Kimbal (1951) "management Embraces all dities and fuction that pertain to the provicion of Necessary is to aperate and the selection of the principal office "(management terdiriri from all duties and functions which include the preparation of an enterprise, financing, determining the outlines of wisdom, providing all the necessary equipment and the preparation of the organizational framework and election officials terrace. 

CONCLUSION: so it can be concluded is the Management of process activities through others to achieve a certain goal and carried sequentially moves towards a 
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