air terjun ceureuce
pandra travel to the waterfall is very pleasant but the road is not yet support . trip there we had to pass through terrain so extrime . start over hills up through the forest. I along traveled there on 2/22/2016. this waterfall is located in bireuen, aceh, indonesia

the picture above we walked over the hill to get to the waterfall

and we must menurunin hill many tree branches

 scenery before reaching the destination . namely waterfall

after arriving to the waterfall

the beauty of the waterfall is still very natural . so cool air that makes the tiredness goes away, once up to the waterfall . for those of you who want to travel to these places very easily . because of the way that we will first pass not far from the Medan- Banda Aceh . for nature lovers this area is very nice because it was so natural . we have to pass through the area of the mountain and downhill hill - hill . waterfall is more or less we have to travel a distance of approximately 8 Kilometers
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